The Sharper Chef, Calgary: Peter Swarbrick, Ox & Angela

Calgary’s “Sharper Chef” series is written by food and drink aficionados, and features prominent chefs, brewers, vintners and distillers who share some of their finest, oftentimes secret, recipes. In this installment, chef de cuisine Peter Swarbrick of Calgary’s hottest new restaurant, Ox & Angela, shares his take on a Spanish … Read More

Late-Night Eateries in Montreal

It’s simply not debatable that Montreal is the capital of Canadian late-night indulgence. When bars stop serving at 3AM, major boulevards are swarmed by party zombies, stumbling either homeward or into the first casse-croûte with its sign lit “Ouvert.” What most fail to take into account is the quality of … Read More

Ensemble Tap Review

Last year, Chef Dale MacKay took the title of Top Chef Canada, made Vancouver’s “Worthy 30” (a list of the city’s most accomplished and unhitched), and opened Ensemble Restaurant and Ensemble Tap. This type of energy is remarkable; Mackay’s successes even more so, considering the tough time restaurants face in this overtaxed … Read More

Review: Without Papers Pizza

With great food comes great responsibility. At least, that’s part of the thinking at Without Papers Pizza. After all, with pizza this good, there needs to be great service to boot, which in this case, means helpful staff, late hours and free local delivery. Located in Inglewood, co-owners Jesse Johnson … Read More

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