Montreal’s Best Butchers

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to get back to what we were put here to do: cook meat over fire. As this barbecue season looms, stay away from pre-packaged supermarket fare and opt instead for a butcher who can hook you up with the freshest steak, sausages and more. Here are a few of the best:

La Maison du Rôti
Back on its feet after nearly burning down a couple of years ago (which must have smelled outstanding!) this is the city’s premiere butcher shop, with experts behind the counter and plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking for steak, bison, rabbit, boar… you name it. 1969 Mont-Royal Ave. E., (514) 521-2448.

Les Volailles & Gibiers Fernando
Get your game on at this Roy Street shop, which specializes in deer, boar, geese and all sorts of game, either served up raw or in delicious cured or sausage form. 116 Roy St. E., (514) 843-6652.

Chez Vito
Run by an affable Italian and his family, Vito specializes in magnificent cuts of pork, but you can also find steaks, chicken and sausages. Vito swear by his meat’s freshness – he has even offered to eat anything he sells raw. (We declined the offer.) 5180 St-Urbain St., (514) 277-1981.

La Vieille Europe

Selling alimentary delights from the Old Country, La Vieille Europe deals in cheeses, jams, cookies and coffee, but their butcher’s counter is a favourite for cured meats and sausages, including our favourite, the spicy Sicilian. 3855 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 842-5773.

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