Butcher blocks have been kitchen mainstays for decades. iPads? Not so much, but we definitely use ours in the kitchen all the time these days. Occasionally we watch instructional videos, more often than not we’re reading recipes, and every now and again we’re just listening to a podcast and the … Read More

Butcher’s Cuts Tea Towels

We’re unapologetic carnivores. That’s just how it is. That’s also probably why we love these kitchen towels based on butcher’s charts. There’s beef, lamb, and pork, they’re made of cotton and are machine washable. Actually, this is probably the only way we’d ever get excited about tea towels. You hear … Read More

Three Things Nobody Knows About Steak

We at DailyXY don’t just eat steak; we worship it. Which is why it pains us to see so many steak-loving men walking around with great misconceptions about the dish. Herewith, three things most guys don’t know about steak. Dry-Aged Rules There are two ways to age a steak: dry … Read More

The Beauty of Belly Catering

If you see “For a great experience call Nicole at…” etched into the walls of your gym’s locker room, think of it as a public service announcement. Nicole Kruzick, head foodie of Belly Catering is a culinary MacGyver. With her various services, she will elevate you from just being able … Read More

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