Barbecue Tips from a Canadian Pitmaster

So, you’ve picked up a barbecue book, you’ve watched the online videos, and you’re raring to start smoking meat. Well, make your foray into southern-style barbecue a little easier with a few tips from Stephen Perrin, one of Canada’s few barbecue masters. Perrin is classically trained in fine dining (and … Read More

Mon Oncle Barbecue

If barbecue was our profession, this would indeed be our briefcase. Mon oncle barbecue ($400) is a grill that folds up into a briefcase held together by leather straps.

Hephaestus Patio Pro

Just in case we’ve never made it clear, we friggin’ love barbecue. Our grill-based gift guide for last Christmas ran thirty-one items, and it looks like we’ve surpassed that so far in 2014. So believe us when we say that the Hephaestus Patio Pro is pretty damn impressive, especially for … Read More

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