Montreal’s Chinatown II

Montreal’s Chinatown is small and dense; there’s not really anywhere for it to grow (some even say city politicians planned it this way). But in the last few years, Chinese and Korean restaurants have begun to sprout up in the area around Concordia University like crazy, revitalizing a neighbourhood that had gone somewhat to seed.

It’s “Chinatown II,” and here are some choice spots to eat around there, especially since the rest of downtown can be such a culinary wasteland.

Maison de Nouilles
For a generic-looking Asian restaurant – witness the pictures of General Tao Chicken and Pad Thai on the walls – this place serves outstanding, authentic southern Chinese cookery, spicy and superb, if you know to ask for it. Go for the sweet and sour pork, or any other dish on the menu that doesn’t sound familiar. 1862 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., (514) 933-2288.

Maison Bulgogi
Housed in what was once a down-market donut shop, Bulgogi has quickly become one of the city’s most popular Korean restaurants, and for good reason. Soups, BBQ and bibimbap are all Kim Jong-Illin’! 2127 Ste-Catherine St. W., (514) 935-9820.

Manchuria Dumpling
King Dumplings are a traditional Chinese New Year’s food, and with that celebration just behind us, taking in a plateful must be good luck. This charming little place offers them either boiled or fried, as well as a pages-long menu of other Chinese delicacies. 1441 St-Mathieu St., (514) 935-2321.

Lu Mama
Prizing quantity over quality, this new spot features a stomach-filling $19.99 all-you-can-eat special, with dishes ranging from Japanese sushi to Taiwanese sausage on the menu. 1858 Ste-Catherine St. W., (514) 582-2222.

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