More From the New Campari Calendar

We’re getting our New Year’s resolutions out of the way early—because honesty, we hate doing it in a post-celebratory haze—and at the top of the list is more ballroom dancing with cocktails in hand, like Eva Green in this latest release from the upcoming Campari calendar.

What’s the calendar all about? Two things. Thing one: promoting excellent Campari cocktails—speaking of, have you tried this year’s Tocco Rosso? Campari, elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, and mint. Delicious.

Then there’s thing two: featuring amazing photography and stunning women. Last year’s featured Uma Thurman celebrating a variety of festivals around the world, and it’s pretty great. The upcoming one is called ‘Mixology Mythology’, and we have high hopes. Fortunately, Campari hasn’t let us down yet.

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