Non-Spanish Tapas in Montreal

A few weeks back, we brought you the city’s finest Spanish tapas joints. Thankfully, the trend of small-plate eating has grown to encompass more cuisines, all of which plays into that “whole variety is the spice of life” mantra. Herewith, our favourite spots to expand the tapas palate.

Chez le portugais
Specializing in petiscos, the Portuguese equivalent of tapas, seafood is unsurprisingly a highlight here, with delightful sardines and squid. Two to three dishes per person make for a very satisfying meal. 4134 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 849-0550.

Maria Bonita

This is tapas, Mexican-style: small shareable dishes of food you ladle into hot tortillas for a DIY taco experience. Cactus and sausage are both highly recommended – as are the margaritas. 5269 Casgrain Avenue, (514) 807-4377.

A Québécois take on small plate eating, with lots of locally sourced ingredients and strong flavour combinations. The homemade charcuterie plate is a standout. 5308 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 273-7442.


The subtitle of this St-Denis spot, with a kitchen that stays open till midnight, is “tapas du monde,” and that’s what you get: plates of everything from fried fish accras to foie gras and dates to mini burgers. 1637 St-Denis St., (514) 288-2225.

Taza Flores
Tapas with a Moroccan touch – think dips, tartares and some ventures into other territories, with dishes like Cajun tequila shrimp. You’ll have to work hard to get full here, but it’s a great spot to grab a snack. 5375 Parc Avenue, (514) 274-5516.

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