The First Kiss Matters Most

The first kiss is the deal breaker. Most women have decided in the first five minutes of meeting you whether or not they would sleep with you. If we won’t, the signs are pretty clear: we won’t make much eye contact and will avoid physical contact at all costs.

If we possibly would? That first kiss can very quickly send you hurtling ass-backwards into the “won’t” category or guarantee you a first class ticket on the hot and heavy train.

The moment is important. I know it’s traditional to wait until the end of a date when you’ve walked her to her door but carpe diem baby! If at one point there is eye contact + half smile+ decent proximity+ a quick inhale… seize THAT moment to kiss her. It may sound like the makings of a bad chick flick (a redundant thought?) but, whether they’ll admit or not, women want to be swept off their feet. Give them that sense of breathlessness and you’ll often end up very lucky. Getting her just a touch tipsy doesn’t hurt either. A touch.

Careful, though. An ill-timed kiss will get you “My head is killing me. I should get home. Thanks for the lovely time.” Don’t kiss her while she’s eating, talking or not paying attention.

Technique is crucial. If you’ve been told by a few ladies you’re a good kisser, you’re probably safe. (I know I like to live by the motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” I only compliment the good kissers. I stay mute towards the ones that are okay or just bad.) Make sure you’re firm with the pressure but soft with your tongue. Move slowly at first, don’t be too invasive yet participate. I know I can’t stand it when a guy wants me to do all the work. Keep the saliva to a minimum.

Open your mouth wide enough to take a bite of an apple. Remember these two words… soft and sweet. It’s foolproof for a first kiss.

Image courtesy of Alejandra Mavroski on Flickr.

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