Patio Sundress Spotting

As sundress weather approaches, XYYC went out to do the painful research of finding our readers the best patios and decks in Calgary where you can sip a few cocktails and enjoy the views.

Big Rock Grill (5555 – 76 Ave. SE)
The restaurant of the Big Rock Brewery, this 120-seat eatery boasts a big patio with fireplace that packs the place with tight white Ts and tanks every day in summer. Try the chicken wings marinated in Grasshopper Ale.

Bonterra (1016 – 8 St. SW)

Just up the road from one of XYYC’s eye-candy watering holes (Earl’s Tin Palace) is the patio at Bonterra, a rustic-Italian style restaurant. A great place for a glass of wine, fresh bread drizzled with oil and vinegar, and polka dot print dresses and gold halter-tops (Translation: Cougars).

Prairie Ink (120 – 8 Ave. SW)

People forget about this place. We like that because it means that we’re always able to get a seat on its second floor deck with a beer, some cold pasta from Ink’s café and a book from the bookstore below (McNally Robinson). The other thing? Cute servers from the downtown restaurants take their breaks here.

Rouge (1240 – 8 Ave. SE)

Operating from a historic house nestled on the Bow River, Rouge’s patio was made for long, hot summer nights with someone special: Think date night, or first date. It’s not cheap, the food is not run of the mill, and the location is a bit out of the way, but the experience and ambiance make it a must-do before the summer ends.

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