Pittsburgh is Becoming Picklesburgh

If you had to promote pickles, how would you do it? Pickle day at the ball park? Free pickles with purchase of hamburger patties at the grocery store? Line of pickle novelty lady products?

The problem with these ideas is that they’re much too small. If you’re Heinz, you aim big and rename Pittsburgh. To Picklesburgh. Really.

For a couple of days in July, the Rachel Carson Bridge (the one you cross in Fallout 3: Into the Pitt) will fly a giant Heinz pickle balloon. Who can build such a thing? The people who make balloons for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, that’s who.

There are some events scheduled too. Like what? Well, aside from food from local chefs, there’s going to be some DIY canning demonstrations, artisan cocktails, pickle themed stuff you can buy, live music, and a competitive pickle juice drinking contest. We’d make fun, but it just occurred to us that we really like picklebacks, which you can read all about in Pitt Cue Co’s cookbook.

Anyway, here’s a quote from a guy whose job description is honestly ‘President and CEO of the Picklesburgh Downtown Partnership’, Jeremy Waldrup: “We believe Pittsburghers will relish this new festival.”

Waldrup was later arrested on charges of making a dad-joke in a press release.



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