SPONSORED: Top 5 Intimate Montreal Restaurants

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There is no shortage of hot restaurants with big line-ups, loud soundtracks, and buzz that translates into frenetic, audible energy—but if you want to slow things down a bit and really savour your food and company, try one of our favourite intimate Montreal restaurants.

1. Maison Publique

Maison Publique calls itself a “little neighbourhood pub”, and on a very basic level, that’s what it is. However, not many neighbourhood pubs have Jamie Oliver as an investor. Maison Publique serves a market-driven menu that might be described as British pub fare on vacation in Montreal. There could be Welsh rarebit, or there could be foie gras parfait. Needless to say, we dig the cosy atmosphere combined with world-class dining.

2. La Club Chasse et Peche

Tucked away in the middle of Old Montreal, La Club Chasse et Peche is the kind of place with a quite atmosphere, smartly-dressed waiters, and just enough lighting that you’ll only see your dining companion’s highlights. Be sure to try the braised piglet risotto with shaved foie gras.

3. La Chronique

La Chronique’s tiny dining room is one of the most sought-after spaces in town, thanks to chef-owners Marc De Canck and Olivier de Montigny devotion to French gastronomy, immaculate presentation, and playful twists on old classics. Do yourself a favour: order the tasting menu and ask for a wine paring. You won’t be sorry.

4. Laloux

Laloux is known for two things: burning through chefs at a rate of about two a year, and turning out delicious and innovative food for the pasty thirty years. Bees wax poached veal sweetbreads? Check. Homemade cavatelli with porcini cream, fiddleheads, and Louis d’Or cheese? Check. Grilled beef tartar with smoked crème fraîche and oat crumble? Check. We’d suggest topping it off with a plate of profiteroles.

5. Graziella

Lots of food in Montreal is robust, macho, and . . . is Picard-esque a word? If you’d like a break from tongues, foie, and a plate full of bone marrow Flintstone bones, pay a visit to Graziella. This Old Montreal spot isn’t exactly dainty, but it is light, sophisticated, and upscale Italian. Oh, and there is marrow—it’s just deftly folded into a red wine sauce.


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