SPONSORED: Top 5 Toronto After-Hour Eats

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It might be past last call, but if you’re still buzzed and looking to wind down, these five spots will deliver tasty treats in the wee hours of the morning.

1. The Lakeview

When’s the Lakeview close? Never, that’s when. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a four AM brunch, and the Lakeview will deliver that along with an entire menu section devoted to variations of eggs benedict. Of course, they also have a selection of things deep-fried, sandwiches, burgers, and an entire world of substitutions. And then there’s their milkshakes and other classic desserts. Basically, if you’re hungry and can’t find what you want at the Lakeview, you must be suffering some kind of existential crisis.

2. 7 West

Just off of Yorkville, 7 West is where you go when you want a large, satisfying plate of pasta at the end of the night—or whenever, because it’s also 24/7. Sure, they do sandwiches, coffee, salad, and more, but what you’re there for is pasta. Highlights include rose ravioli, penne carbonara, and classic but impeccable spaghetti with tomato basil.

3. Poutini’s House of Poutine

Where does Queen West go after last call? Why, for poutine, of course. Their menu includes poutine, poutine, and poutine, and lest a Montrealer scoff at the idea of Toronto attempting poutine, let’s remember that the consummate Montreal-phile himself, Anthony Bourdain, declared his love for Poutini’s back when he did The Layover. Order a cup and take it outside; you have until 3AM on Thursday and 3:30AM on Friday and Saturday.

4. Fran’s

Fran’s has been a famous late-night haunt in this city since . . . oh, about thirty years prior to Glen Gould practicing for Well-Tempered Clavier; the notoriously eccentric pianist used to visit Fran’s for a plate of scrambled eggs around three in the morning, every night he was in Toronto. The menu is diner favourites, including a bacon cheeseburger, which Fran’s claims to have invented.

5. Owl of Minerva

Where else are you going to get kimchi soup, a plate of sizzling beef ribs, or a bowl of bulgogi after the bartender tells you to take a hike? This Korean hot spot is so popular that they have locations across the GTA (and soon the world, according to the proprietors). It still manages a low-key atmosphere, though, probably thanks to the most comforting of Korean comfort food.



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