SPONSORED: Top 5 Intimate Montreal Restaurants

Brought to you by Heineken. There is no shortage of hot restaurants with big line-ups, loud soundtracks, and buzz that translates into frenetic, audible energy—but if you want to slow things down a bit and really savour your food and company, try one of our favourite intimate Montreal restaurants. 1. Maison … Read More

The Parker Vancouver

While the butchery trend continues in Vancouver and many restaurants remain focused on nose-to-tail eating, there’s also a noticeable preoccupation in the city towards leaving the animals out of the equation. Three new vegetarian spots have opened in the recent past, The Acorn, Heirloom and the latest object of our veggie affections, The Parker. … Read More

Review, Imadake Japanese Pub

Every customer at Imadake makes an entrance, whether they want to or not. Patrons of this Japanese pub (yes, yes, it’s really a restaurant) are greeted by the full wait staff, sometimes even the kitchen, shouting, “Irasshaimase! Irasshaimase!” which, while likely more off-putting than warming, means only, “Welcome! Come in!” … Read More

Review, Union Restaurant

The Cascade Group seems to have an agenda to take over Main Street, one restaurant at a time. In addition to The Cascade Room, Latitude and Habit Lounge, they’ve now opened The Union at Main Street and Union (hence the name), in Strathcona. This up-and-coming neighbourhood borders on Chinatown and … Read More

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