The $26,000 Glenfiddich Heist

Heads should be rolling over at the LCBO on Toronto’s Queens Quay . . . although they probably aren’t. On April 7, a man browsing in the show managed to casually shoplift a bottle of Glenfiddich 50 Year Old. Of course, that’s not as good as the 55 year (we’ve heard, anyway), but still.

According to the Toronto Star, the man was browsing the store’s vintage section before picking up a bottle of wine. He paid for the wine, but not the whisky. He is described as five-ten, between 35 and 45 years of age, wearing a Burberry shirt and black frame glasses (snicker), and being a colossal jerk (police didn’t say that last part; we did).

Glenfiddich’s 50 Year Old, which we’ve never tasted but assume is excellent, was only bottled a second time in 2009. Only 500 bottles were created, and only 50 bottles will be released per year for the next ten years.

The last time we were at the LCBO, a surly clerk had to unlock a cabinet for a bottle of Ardbeg: Corryvreckan ($183). So how, precisely, was someone just allowed to pick up a $26,000 bottle of Scotch? Are the most expensive liquors merely left out for customers to fondle? And more importantly, could his crime be easily replicated?

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