Sword & Plough Bags

To “beat swords into ploughshares” is a Biblical reference, but one needn’t know that to appreciate the idea of taking something from the military and converting it into something peaceful.

Sword & Plough’s idea is to completely embody that concept. Their stylish bags are made from recycled military surplus gear, which is good news for anyone who likes environmentally friendly manufacturing and durable materials. The company is led by and employs veterans transitioning to civilian life, which has been a difficult adjustment for huge portions of them. Also, the company is part of the growing group of manufacturers who want to turn “Made in America” into a statement of quality.

Their Kickstarter, which, at twenty-one days to go has passed their goal by an order of $126,000, is offering first dibs on their entire range—for anyone whose tastes are both stylish and utilitarian.

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