Mixologist: The Dad Bod

Okay, we haven’t said a damn thing about the most annoying internet meltdown since that frickin’ dress, but we love cocktails, bourbon, doughnuts, and most importantly, bacon, so: here is the Dad Bod Father’s Day cocktail.

You win, internet. Although, this time, dad wins too.


Bacon. As much as you want.
Pot of coffee
1 oz. Amarula
1 oz. bourbon
A doughnut
If you’re a good son, some breakfast in bed.


Step one: make some bacon. We’ve discussed how, in depth, here. You only need one strip, but who stops there? Besides, you man need more to fortify yourself for incoming man feelings.

Step two: make some coffee. Pour a mug for dad. If you’ve arisen early to make this cocktail for your dad, making it a Dad Bod Breakfast Cocktail, then pour yourself a mug of coffee too.

Step three: Add your Amarula and bourbon to the mug of coffee.

Step four: garnish the cocktail with a doughnut and a strip of bacon. You may need skewers for the doughnut.

Step five: lovingly present this cocktail to your dad. You’ll know it’s a success when he grumbles something and you play catch.

Now, let us never speak of Dad Bod again.


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