The Disease-Busting Diet


Who the Hellmann’s mayo isn’t afraid of it? It’s one of those creeper diseases that we don’t truly understand in so many cases, but that seems to pop into our lives and those we love most, when we least expect it.

Is it possible to prevent it 100%? Of course not! Is anything 100% in this sweet perfect world? Nope. That’s what makes life the sweet adventure with all the ups and downs. These, however, are my thoughts on the matter.

When I was sick with Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS or whatever the doctor I was seeing wanted to call it, I wanted to do everything I could to make it go away. Once I got well, I wanted to do everything I could to keep it gone away. I figured once I knew what worked for me to heal and keep it in remission, why on Earth would I want to jeopardize that for some silly little craving for salty buttered popcorn or toasted bagels and butter? The way I saw it, it would totally bite the big one if I got sick all over again, and I knew there were things I did that contributed to a recurrence of the disease. If taking responsibility for our health is the first step in getting it back in order, than taking responsibility for our ill-health might be the first step, before that other first step.

That, my sweetest-low-glycemic-loaders, is why many agree with me when I say that sticking to a low-glycemic diet helps a heapload in regaining and maintaining health, no matter what the chronic or acute health challenge may be – whether type two diabetes or a common cold. In my tutorial on the subject, I talk about how low-glycemic eating is an awesome-town way to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases like type two diabetes and heart disease. It is also a deliciously easy way to maintain weight (or even drop a few extra pounds that have been jiggling about). Eating low-glycemic is a health-building way to eat, and if we are eating and living to build our health, we can’t also be building diseases. It just doesn’t work that way.

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