Why Wives Get Bored

Warning: If you don’t keep things interesting after the honeymoon, your lady might just join the Bored Wives Club. Yes, it exists. Here, why wives get bored and what you can do to add some spice to your life.

You’re Boring
Go to work, hit the gym, watch the game. If your life is in serious rerun mode, chances are you don’t have much to talk about with your wife. Try a new hobby. Find a new job. Keep your life interesting and you’ll keep her interest.

You’re Really Boring
You have pleasing her down to a fine, 15-minute art, but are you missing the je-ne-sais-quoi? A well-rehearsed routine has its benefits, but passion and unpredictability are intrinsically linked.

You’re Cheap
It’s been said that having a good marriage is like running a business; it’s true that managing the mortgage, renovations and children requires organization, planning and restraint. Still, don’t be too responsible: Your marriage is not a business. This winter, say yes to the ski weekend.

You’re Lazy
Saturday night may be date night, but if it’s always the same-old, same-old, it’s time to get creative. Next Saturday night, tell her nothing about your plans, and shock her with something new and outrageously fun.

You’re Fat
Back when you were wooing her, you dressed sharp and actually did sit-ups. Now you’ve decided to stock your wardrobe with pajama pants and your fridge with beer, just as your metabolism basically slows to a crawl. Throw on a fresh shirt and take her out for an expensive martini.

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8 thoughts on “Why Wives Get Bored”

  1. What about why husbands get bored?
    – Are you done yet?
    – Not tonight, I have a headache
    – Don’t feel like it tonight, maybe tomorrow
    – do this!
    – don’t do that!
    – etc…. etc… etc…

    (I thought I should balance it a bit as I have heard all of these before…)

  2. Attention husbands, especially if wealthy:

    Please continue to bore your wives.

    Then feel free to allow her to hire me as gardener, landscaper or poolboy. This is in everyones best interest.

  3. A much more accurate title would be “Why Spouses Get Bored”, because if you think it’s ANY different for husbands, you haven’t got a clue.

  4. How about when men get bored. How about appreciating them instead of bitching all the time. What crap. This online magazine has nothing to do with being a man its to do with being a bitch and kissing ass to women…..get real. Pointless this stuff is come on.

  5. very true comments made. takes me for granted. cheap.
    put on weight. always sports and his friends. ignores
    even when serious sick. time for something new! and

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