The Sharper Chef, Calgary: Holy Grill’s Breakfast Sandwich

This column marks the Calgary launch of The Sharper Chef. Every couple months, we’ll visit the kitchen of a top local chef and get the scoop on an easy but impressive recipe from his or her own catalogue.

Two years ago, the Hot Chick breakfast panini landed on Holy Grill’s menu, and it’s since become a customer favourite for its hearty, hunger-busting power – and its ability to bring even the nastiest hangover to its knees. “A lot of guys come in the morning for it as a grab-and-go,” says chef Nicholas Yee. “It’s a man’s man’s sandwich.”

12-inch pita bread
4 pieces provolone cheese (or your cheese of choice)
2 oz hot banana peppers
1 tbsp butter
2 eggs
8 slices capicola
1 sliced Roma tomato
Sriracha sauce

1. Lay the pita flat and cover with cheese.
2. Spread banana peppers on top.
3. Melt butter in a skillet on low heat. Break eggs into a small bowl without breaking the yolk. Slip into skillet and fry.
4. Place the fried eggs on the banana peppers, then add the capicola.
5. Slice or dice the Roma tomato and season with salt and pepper and place on top of the ham.
6. Add Sriracha to taste.
7. Wrap up the pita bread with ingredients and press in a panini press for a few minutes.
8. Cut in half and serve.

Yee recommends enjoying the Hot Chick with some hash browns. And for variety, he suggests adding avocado, or marinated eggplant, with the hot peppers.

Holy Grill, 827 10 Ave. SW, 403-261-9759.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Yee

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