Top Chef Canada: The Drinking Game

We love a good drinking game as much as the next guy. With Top Chef Canada back on Food Network Canada for it’s third season, we’re sure there will be knives flying and tempers flaring in no time as the competition begins to heats up.

Whether you’re a chef, a chef-at-home, or just a chef at heart, we’re sure you can appreciate the intensity that can come from pitting sixteen chefs against one-another. It’s kind of like putting some lions and zebras together in a big cage and saying, “Be nice!”

Well, we’re here to help alleviate some of that anxiety that can come along with the fast-paced show and have some fun with this wicked Top Chef Canada drinking game.

Yup, Monday nights are about to get way more fun!

The breakdown:
1. Make two teams: One representing the judging panel and the other representing the cheftestants.
2. Grab a drink of choice (Note: some situations below will come up often, so shooting hard liquor is not recommended!)
3. Make sure you’ve got a good dinner or snacks in front of you (like Top Chef Canada alumni Trevor Bird’s wings perhaps?), so you’re participating on a full stomach.

Judges Team Drinks when . . .
1. Host Lisa Ray has a different hair style.
2. Head Judge Mark McEwan frowns.
3. Judge Shereen Arazm gets mad at a chef.
4. An episode’s guest judge knows a competitor on the show (1 drink per chef they know).
5. Anytime any member of the judging panel says they were ‘disappointed’.

Cheftestants Team drinks when . . .
1. A chef cuts or burns themselves (5 drinks for limb loss)
2. A chef makes a deconstructed dish (1 drink per deconstructed dish)
3. There’s foam on a competitor’s plate
4. A competitor yells “Behind!” while cooking in a challenge.
5. A competitor says either “I didn’t come here to make friends.”, “I came here to win.” or any semblance of either statement.

Both Teams ‘cheers’ when . . .
1. The show begins.
2. There is a tie in either the quick fire or elimination challenges.
3. A cheftestant is eliminated.

Dan Clapson is a nationally published food and travel writer based out of Calgary. He writes for many Canadian entities including Food Network Canada, Metro Newspaper, and Avenue Magazine. Aside from spending most of his time eating, he likes teaching starving university students how to cook, counting sheep to fall asleep, and, last but not least, sipping on inappropriately dirty gin martinis. Follow Dan on twitter at @dansgoodside . . . or else.
Photo credit: Top Chef Canada/Food Network Canada

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