The Modern Man’s Weekly 7

Every Monday, DailyXY rounds up the most interesting in-depth articles from around the web. 

This Story StinksThe New York Times
People who act like dicks in online comment sections (we’re looking at you, Globe and Mail commenters) don’t just ruin your day. New research shows that they can alter your understanding of the article in the first place.

How I Became a Password CrackerArs Technica
Can someone with zero hacking experience learn to crack a password in a day? The terrifying answer is “yes”, although you can replace “a password” with “over 8,000 passwords”.

What Exactly is Donald Trump’s Deal?The Atlantic
For starters, Trump wants you to acknowledge and respect his wealth. Also, he doesn’t handle people opposing him very well.

Spitballing IndyThe New Yorker
How, over three days in 1978, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Lawrence Kasdan created Indiana Joes.

Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Other Digital Pioneers Sour on ‘Pay What You Want’ Music The Verge
Once, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails were hailed as visionaries for abandoning the old model for making money in music. Sadly, ‘pay what you want’ just doesn’t pay the bills.

The Shame of College SportsThe Atlantic
Student athletes make billions for their universities and private companies while universities bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of TV executives and sponsors. Yet, a series of developing lawsuits could destroy the NCAA.

War and ProstheticsCollector’s Weekly
Prosthetic limbs are nothing new; in fact, companies like Hanger have been producing prosthetic limbs since just after the Civil War.

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