Toronto: The Mitzi’s Brunch Empire Expands

If anyone knows brunch, it’s Leslie Gaynor, founder of Roncesvalles institutions, Mitzi’s Café and Gallery and Mitzi’s Sister. On Saturday, Gaynor expanded the 13-year-old empire with a College and Dovercourt location, simply named Mitzi’s. Gaynor shares the secrets to the perfect brunch.

Why is Mitzi’s brunch so damn good?
The atmosphere is as bright and homey as possible; people don’t feel rushed. Quality ingredients. Freshness is very important. And variety: If you had the pear, gorgonzola and Berkshire ham omelette last week, it’ll be different this week. Plus, we’ve stayed very, very consistent. We haven’t cut corners.

One constant is the ever-popular oatmeal pancakes. What’s the secret?
The oats soak in butter, which breaks down some of the components without taking away the beautiful texture. Plus, it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it, and it doesn’t have any oil product in it.  The ingredients work together like a cake batter.

How can I make eggs as well as you?
Eggs are very particular. They should never be cooked at too high a heat. You have to have a little bit of oil and butter. Too much butter browns them and you get that nutty flavour. We use pans that have been seasoned for years; they’ve never seen the light of dish soap.

And the spiced potatoes?
You can’t know that secret. Sorry.

Describe your new place.
It’s got an absolutely spectacular patio. Starting in the fall, we’ll have family-friendly dinner. Family-friendly refers to the food. It’s not high falutin’.

Mitzi’s, 890 College St., 416-533-7400.

Image courtesy of Kevandem on Flickr.


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  1. The original in Roncesvalles is a nice spot but be prepared for a long wait and a big bill. You can easily spend more here on brunch than I’d normally pay for dinner on an average night. If it was more reasonable I’d be there all the time.

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