4 Dangerous Movember Foods

Whether you’re already rocking a full Tom Selleck or have barely entered the Ugly Geraldo stage, the culinary world is filled with delicious yet insidious items that can turn your handsome, follically-enhanced self into the joke of the dinner table.

Fortunately, Top Chef Canada veteran, Vancouver-based restauranteur and fellow Movember supporter, Trevor Bird, offers some guidance. The Fable owner points out four things about which the moustachioed man should think twice before diving into this month (along with some tasty alternatives).

Trevor also cautions all Movember faithful before embarking on any first dates this month. “I’m not sure what his chances would be, but if you’re meeting a lady for the first time this month and she sticks around, she’s probably marriage material.”

No Grilled Cheese Gooey cheddar ‘stache becomes congealed cheddar ‘stache.

Mo’ BLTs Stick to a classic BLT. Add sliced cheddar if you, like the French, believe no meal is complete without cheese.

No Hot Wings
Can result in an Orange Crush-stache on steroids.


Mo’ Dry Ribs Opt for a plate of dry ribs for less mess, but the same salty fulfilment.

No Burgers
Mustard, mayo and ketchup on a greasy burger is a recipe for disaster.

Mo’ Steak Sandwiches Always satisfies carnivorous cravings and optional knife and fork control helps keep your moustache extra pristine.

No Powdered Sugar 
Jelly doughnuts can leave you looking like Santa a month early.

Mo’ Mini Doughnuts Grab a handful of mini doughnuts for a sweet and easy bite.

No Mugs of Whipped Cream
Whip on a well-groomed moustache is just… unseemly.

Mo’ Travel Lids Get your drink in a to-go cup and cap it with a lid before you take a sip.

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