Battle of the Moustache Charities

There are two organizations devoted to using men’s facial hair for charity, and their once jocular cooperation has turned to cold rivalry. We’re talking, of course, of the American Moustache Institute and Movember Foundation. AMI is a small fraternity of volunteers, who fight for facial hair rights (which is nearly … Read More

Nicolas Cage: Hirsute Throughout History

The beard Nicolas Cage has grown for some movie called Joe has been setting the internet alight, but this isn’t the first time Cage has grown some weird hair on his face for the sake of art or, possibly, vanity. Witness: “Young” Nicolas Cage (c. 1980s) In the mid-1980s, young Nicolas … Read More

4 Dangerous Movember Foods

Whether you’re already rocking a full Tom Selleck or have barely entered the Ugly Geraldo stage, the culinary world is filled with delicious yet insidious items that can turn your handsome, follically-enhanced self into the joke of the dinner table. Fortunately, Top Chef Canada veteran, Vancouver-based restauranteur and fellow Movember supporter, … Read More

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