Trump Spits His Whisky

The previously cordial relationship between Glenfiddich and Trump has soured.

A few days ago, we mentioned that Michael Forbes, a farmer fighting a land dispute with noted hairpiece Donald Trump, won a Scottish popularity contest sponsored by Glenfiddich.

In an uncharacteristically reasonable response, Donald Trump has declared the award “an insult to Scotland”, that Glenfiddich fixed the award because they were jealous of his own in-house single malt brand and that “People at our clubs do not ask for Glenfiddich”.

Trump then went on to call for a boycott, and said that he was banning all whisky from Glenfiddich and parent company William Grant & Sons, presumably because it was piling up in Trump Hotel storerooms worldwide, unordered.

Did we mention that the Glenfiddich 15 year makes a great Christmas gift? [The Guardian]

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