Pursuit’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

About a month left to the holidays – and you’ve still not gotten gifts?! Well, lucky for you, Pursuit will save you valuable time in deciding what to get. A few key suggestions for kickass Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwaanza) gifts: DRINK Grab the gift pack featuring the sparkling Jackson-Triggs … Read More

11 Ways to Toast Robbie Burns

Whisky’s an incredible thing. It’ll help you solve creative problems and will help boost your immune system, you can turn it into cocktails or even into gum candy. As Keats said, “Very smart stuff it is.” Anyway, we have more than a few ideas of how to celebrate Burns day—in … Read More

DailyXY’s Ultimate Gift Guide: The Spirits Connoisseur

Maybe there’s a guy in your life who is tough to shop for; a friend, a co-worker, a boss. Maybe it’s your brother, father, or husband. Or maybe you are that difficult guy, and you need to figure out what to ask for this Christmas/Chanukah/New Year/December birthday. Well, if you’re … Read More

Trump Spits His Whisky

The previously cordial relationship between Glenfiddich and Trump has soured. A few days ago, we mentioned that Michael Forbes, a farmer fighting a land dispute with noted hairpiece Donald Trump, won a Scottish popularity contest sponsored by Glenfiddich. In an uncharacteristically reasonable response, Donald Trump has declared the award “an … Read More

Trump Gets Trumped

Made famous by the documentary You’ve Been Trumped, Michael Forbes has been declared Top Scot by the people of Scotland (and Glenfiddich), all for opposing Donald Trump’s latest bad idea. “I have never seen such an unspoiled and dramatic seaside landscape, and the location makes it perfect for our development.” … Read More

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