Calgary’s Alternative Sports

Cowtown may be full of patties, but it’s also full of beaches, yachts and pub-hunting runners. This summer, test your abilities to put the doldrums in their paddocks with a few unusual sports.

Ultimate Frisbee
Make as many passes as you want without a single cheesy line. This co-ed game combines football, soccer and basketball, with players passing a disc to a player in the opposing end zone, much like soccer or football. But like basketball, players may not run with the disc, and may only pivot one foot while holding the disc.

Beach Volleyball
Life’s a beach, even when you don’t have one. The Calgary Beach Volleyball Association has leagues and tournaments playing at 12 outdoor sand courts at Valleyview Regional Park. The club has 800 players and everyone is welcome, with the leagues ranging from recreational to advanced levels.

Yes, we’re landlocked. No, that hasn’t stopped us from buying, and sailing, boats. There are two front-running sailing clubs in Calgary: Calgary Yacht Club and the Glenmore Sailing Club. Both introduce landlubbers to the art of sailing from their respective eaus de Calgary, Chestermere Lake and Glenmore Reservoir. Both offer lessons for people of all ages. There are also races and activities.

Will Run for Beer
It’s not often you see fitness freaks with frothy heads, but this club isn’t your run-of-the-mill running club. The Will Run For Beer members meet up at a new running route and then a new pub for a pint, glass of vino, dram of whiskey or vile of other poison.

Roller Derby
If your sporting instincts lean more toward the spectator than participant, this girl-against-girl action may be more up your alley. With action that involves zombie make-up, ripped fishnets, rainbow socks and stage names such as Lockjaw Lyla, Slap Chop, Trailer Park Tracy and Brazilian Whacks, you just know they’re gonna get physical.

Image courtesy of austinhk

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