Montreal’s Alternative Sports

Though hockey remains our first love and soccer’s impact continues to surge with fans, there are alternatives to getting out there and staying active during the sizzling summer season. With the hot days ahead, why not check out these cool sports?

Australian Football
Also known as Aussie Rules, the AFLQ began in 2008 and has since grown to six teams. This somewhat extreme sport combines the best of volleyball, football and rugby amped up in a way that could only have been born down under.  Though this is not a sport for the faint of heart, the league accepts members at all levels and is a great way to blow off steam.

Water Polo
Water polo is the perfect sport for those who would rather cool off in a pool all summer long. The 12 clubs within Montreal’s federation accept everyone from beginners to experienced players.  In 2005, Water Polo teams competed in the FINA World Championships, held in Montreal at the state of the art Jean Drapeau Park Aquatic Complex which was built just for the championships.

With Montreal being the second largest French city in the world, it’s no wonder Pétanque (or lawn bowling) is so popular here.  Invented in its present form in the early 1900s near Marseilles, France and played in Quebec since 1955, pétanque has been growing in popularity with a younger, hipper generation of players.  Clubs like the Quebec Lawn Bowling Federation are extensive but this is also the kind of sport where you can get together with your buddies (and a cooler of beverages) and head out to one of the many terrains found in practically any park in the city.

Frisbee could be considered the ultimate summer sport, but ultimate frisbee (now officially called ultimate) takes it up another notch.  Fast paced and played like football, two teams compete by passing the disc down the field to one player at a time until a goal is made or intercepted by the opposing team. Created in the late ’60s in New Jersey, Canada now has some of the largest league memberships in the world.

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