Learn the Manly Arts in Calgary

Awhile ago, we offered a guide to some basic outdoor survival skills. Now that you’ve presumably got those mastered, and your survival is assured, you’re ready for some more recreational pursuits. Long before Xbox, men spent their free time doing manly things, like riding horses and shaping steel. Learn the manly arts in Calgary.

Bending Steel: ArtPoint Studios and Galleries
These one-day ($175) and two-day ($300) blacksmithing courses may have a slightly artsy bent; nonetheless, melding steel is sure to put hair on your chest. Go at it with hammer and tongs, banging out custom fire pokers and wine racks. Your bulging biceps will thank you later. 1133 11th Street S.E., 403-244-7828.

Firing Rifles: The Shooting Edge
Game geeks: forget anything-goes first-person shooter games — real men know gun craft is about responsible, conscientious handling. Learn marksmanship from professional staff as you work through the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC). Bay 4, 510 77th Avenue S.E., 403-720-4867.

Manly Seamen: Wildrose Charters and Sailing School
The country’s oldest Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) certification school offers everything from basic to advanced cruising ($1100–$2000), starting on the Glenmore Reservoir. Just want to get your outboard on? Earn your now-mandatory Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card ($75 – $95). 3232 15th Street N.W., 403-289-5772.

Stallion Mounting: Laughing Horse Ranch
Laughing Horse Ranch’s eight-week beginner courses ($280) in horsemanship encompass handling, saddling up and riding with confidence. For extra manliness accessorize with a cowboy hat — or a bare chest, Putin-style. 2239 Drive S.W., Calgary, 403-931-3119.

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