Why You Should Limit Eating to a 12-Hour Window

Want to lose weight? Pick twelve hours, only eat during said twelve hours, and fast outside said twelve hours.

A study published in Cell Metabolism has found that alternating between fasting for twelve hours and eating regularly for twelve hours makes a huge difference as to whether fat is stored or burned. Researchers took 400 mice, ranging in weight from normal to fat, and put them on various diets and time restrictions. They found that dieting along was largely ineffective at causing the obese mice to lose weight, but even mice on a high-fat diet (like Hannah Ferguson burgers) who fasted twelve hours a day ended up slimmer than other mice. In fact, they had the same total calories as another group of mice who were permitted to eat whenever they wanted, and the mice who limited their eating to twelve hours a day ended up slimmer.

Since dieting is extremely hard, limiting eating to twelve hours a day could be a useful tool when pursuing a healthy lifestyle. That said, we wonder if the pizza man will miss us.

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