Montreal’s Best Gyms

Remember last New Year’s, when you resolved to join a gym and fight back against your ever-expanding beer gut? Of course you don’t. But your girlfriend does. Oh, you don’t have a girlfriend? Wonder why. You get the message. Here, the best gyms in Montreal, whatever your workout needs.

For losing weight: Nautilus Plus offers specialized programs for your needs, focusing on both diet management and exercise regimens. We recommend their 10-4 program, a fast and healthy way to lose ten pounds in four weeks, just in time for, uh, eight more weeks of winter. Multiple locations.

For releasing aggression: HardKnox has all the amenities of a regular gym, plus punching bags, speedballs and a full-sized boxing ring. Take out your pent-up aggression in kickboxing classes, and test your stamina in their cardio-intensive skipping class. 3645 Notre Dame St. W., 514-933-3388.

For getting competitive:
Club Sportif MAA’s multi-sport gymnasium offers a diverse pick-up schedule that’ll please jocks of all stripes; there’s basketball, squash, badminton, boxing, volleyball, soccer and even a golf program. Extend your pro-athlete fantasy with a visit to their massage and acupuncture therapists. 2070 Peel St., 514-845-2233.

For getting fit: DBS, owned by Canadian diving champion and Olympic competitor David Snively, offers a unique MC2 workout. Focusing on muscular, cardiovascular and caloric training (hence the name), the system employs atypical methods like core-boards and cable-training. 4904 Jean Talon St. W. #250. 514-344-3532.

Image courtesy of Abdullah AL-Naser.

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