Naked Sleeping vs. Novelty Pyjamas

Yahoo! just came out with a list of 6 reasons to sleep naked, though considerations like airing out your “hoo-ha” aren’t exactly applicable to guys. Still, there are a whole host of health benefits to naked slumber, like improving sleep quality and boosting the production of several beneficial hormones.

This news must not yet be mainstream knowledge because USA Today recently published a sex survey suggesting that only 38% of its (mostly white) respondents slept with their partner in the nude.

For guys trying to make babies, you’d be a fool not to strip down before snuggling in. Keeping the testicles further away from the body lowers the temps down there into a much more comfortable range for your little swimmers.

We, for one, put the blame on a novelty sleepwear industry that has made it acceptable for men to go to bed dressed like this:
Star Wars sleeper

Or this:

Superhero pajamas

OK, these are actually pretty cool:

Doctor Who Pajamas

Lead image by iStockphoto

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