Say No to Chicken Legs

Guys work out and exercise to improve their health, but let’s face it, there is a small part of us that works out to look better for the ladies.  So, what do ladies really look for in a guy’s body?  What body parts get them all hot and bothered?

As co-owner of Best Body Bootcamp, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to a lot of women about what features they find attractive in a guy. I’m happy to pass along some of this first-hand information.

Most guys think that women are only interested in a big chest and rock hard abs.  That’s partly true.  Having those features will certainly get you a second glance, but unless you have the back, shoulders and legs to match, it’s not going to get you anything else.

The thing women want most in a guy’s body is for it to be well-proportioned. There is nothing worse in a woman’s mind than a guy who has a big chest and abs, but has pencil legs. So do yourself a favour and work your legs.

Squats are the ultimate leg exercise. There are tons of variations that you can use. My favorite is the jump squat. It can be done anywhere, you don’t need weights and it’s a killer on the legs and glutes as well as cardiovascular strength.

Begin with feel parallel and shoulder width apart. Slowly lower your but down as if sitting in a chair. At the lowest point of the squat, reach down to the ground and then explode up into a jump as you lift your arms towards the sky. Land as softly as possible, on the front of the foot. Repeat 15-20 times.

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