USGA Bans the Anchored Putting Stroke

If there are any aspiring PGA golfers out there, you might need to tweak your game a bit. The United States Golf Association and the R & A, golf’s governing bodies, have announced a ban on the anchored putting stroke which will begin in 2016.

The anchored putting stroke is when a golfer “anchors” the butt of the club into their bodies and putts. The stroke does away with freely swinging the golf club, which according to the USGA is “the essence of the traditional method of stroke.”

Rule 14-1b, as it is known, will cause professional golfers to overhaul their technique and strategy in 2016. Four of the last six major tournament champions have used the anchored stroke, a statistic that must have made golf’s governing bodies fearful of more and more golfers attempting to adopt the method.

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