4 Woodworking IG Accounts You Should Follow

Whether you’re looking for DIY inspiration, custom work, or pieces that already exist online, these skilled artisans have the furniture of your dreams (and smaller interior design accents as well, if you’re looking make a room look more complete). So get on your Ron Swanson game and check out these sumptuous wooden pieces that you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP.


Sons Of Sawdust

This family of lumberjacks carries on the legacy of generations past, and say in their bio: “we save 100 yr old wood from going into the landfill & build custom, sustainable furniture with a story. Their 134k Instagram followers love to monitor the sons working on their trestle tables, reclaimed wood headboards, and more. Apart from their impressive woodworking skills, those Duck Dynasty beards are also quite impressive. Product highlights on their IG and website include their trestle and farm tables with matching benches, perfect for small dinner parties, along with coffee tables that have an unfinished, rustic aesthetic. Their kitchen island tops and barn doors (posted on their IG as a majestic bedroom entrance) also look badass.



Canadian Wood Works

These custom woodworkers hail from Canada and create delicate and breathtaking pieces of art both on their Instagram, and Shopify. For instance, this carefully sculpted rocking chair with a Black Walnut body. This artist appears to play with many different types of wood in his creations, providing a luscious, diverse result that we really admire. He also has beautiful slab bench works sourced with Beech and plays with materials like Spalted Maple, which almost looks like marble. Our favorites would be that Maple along with his Black Walnut pieces, many of which are really well-designed elegant stools and chairs.  The diversity might be thanks to the fact that this is a full team, instead of just one guy, so if you’re looking for a broad range of aesthetics, this is the IG to check out.

Axe felled Beech bench from around 1700 😮 T-shirt available – LINK IN BIO

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Mid City Handmade

Andrew Moran of Mid City Handmade is a woodworker in Louisiana whose sleek, modern looks combine wood and metal. Basically giving us all the furniture FOMO – his table game is on fire.  He works with metal smiths to create looks with powerful, statement making metal bases, with a finished Louisiana Spalted Pecan surface slab.  The lines are simple, but the materials are unexpected, making it a vital centerpiece for at least one of the rooms in your house. We also adore his “river tables” which feature a glass “river” streaming languidly through two pecan slabs on either side, with a stainless steel base.  You didn’t know it was possible to be turned on by a table, but Andrew Moran will change your mind.



Akwood And Design

Designers Amanda McKeever & Khiem Nguye out of Austin, Texas does all-wood-everything from knife covers and blocks to gorgeous stools, cabinets, and nightstands. Take, for instance, their smooth Seiji nightstand. The pieces appear to be rooted in an Asian-inspired aesthetic will add will add modernity to space, along with unexpected traditional notes. They also have a delightful wooden tortilla press, a sure nod to their Texas roots. You can check out their larger pieces under the “Furniture” tab on their website. Our favorite pieces right now include the Shokki cabinet and the Yane end table. For final touches, their section “little things” has cool accessories like wooden lanterns and shelves. They do custom pieces as well if you have something in mind.

Tortilla presses! 🌯🌮

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