Best of DailyXY in 2014

Our Brave New Bitcoin World

“Both David and Kemper are confident that as digital currencies become more widely used, innovators will bring more proprietary technologies to the table in order to further enhance Bitcoin’s usability and security. “It’s really the early days,” says Kemper. “As advances come out, there’s a huge ecosystem of companies looking to make everything more secure, and improve the user experience.””


“The Italian fashion designer is filling my ears with information about Parajumpers, a line of parkas, vests and jackets available at Harry Rosen. But his English is broken and I don’t speak Italian. He wonders if I know any French. My answer is disappointing. So our conversation is stilted. Each of us is scrutinizing the other, hunting for that knowing tell of recognition. When he’s at a loss for the right English word, he’ll shout something in Italian to his wife. She’ll reply and he’ll say the right word. The thing I get, the thing that needs no translation, is that the military aesthetic is something Massimo loves.”

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Suit in Canada?

“Suitsupply’s only Canadian store sits in Toronto, tucked into the tony enclave that is Yorkville. The company was founded in Amsterdam, where it has made suit shopping a pleasure since 2000. A few years ago, the company set up shop in Big Apple but has since spread to Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and elsewhere. In Canada, Montreal is the next expansion location.”

6 Things to Know About Common Law Separation

“But trying to work things out on your own with her when trust is gone is almost always a bad idea. So pull up the drawbridge. Close the bank accounts. Change the locks. And refer all communications to your lawyer. That doesn’t mean you have to leave her homeless and penniless. Just be sure that you have a record of any money you give her so that it can be factored into the final spousal support settlement.”

Review: Runtastic Orbit

“One of the coolest features that the Orbit offers that other activity trackers do not is the ambient lighting sensor. What this feature does is measure the levels of light in your environment every three minutes. The data, like the other information the Orbit tracks, appears in the Runtastic Me app on your phone.”

How to Go From Friends to Lovers

Also, on a personal note (did I mention I have a lot of experience in this area?), I would go with your gut. If she’s not giving you an obvious sign that she’s interested, then she’s probably not. It sucks, but it’s better to know as soon as possible so you can move forward. If you absolutely must be certain about her feelings, then be direct.

The Guy’s Guide to Getting Over a Breakup

“The weeks after breaking up pretty much run the emotional gamut. One day you’re brooding, the next day you’re obsessively thinking about all the things you should have said, or about all the things she said that you wished she hadn’t. All that furrowed browing can leave you feeling exhausted, but, according to McCance, emotional toiling isn’t what should be tiring you—it should be old-fashioned exercise.”

13 Fun Facts about Canadian Club Whisky

“Walker continued to live in Detroit throughout his life—in fact, one of his neighbours was Thomas Edison, which helps explain why the Canadian Club office was one of the first to be electrified in Canada. Walker had a private tunnel dug under the river which allowed him to get home every day. He didn’t walk, though—he pulled a cord, which rang a bell on the US side. There, his carriage driver would send a donkey pulling a cart through. Upon arriving, Walker would feed the donkey an apple and be on his way. The tunnel has been closed since they started dredging the Detroit river.”

10 Tips to be Cool, Not Creepy, in Your First Yoga Class

“Sure, you enjoy flexible females in tight yoga pants as much as the next guy, but you want to be classy about it. You want to look cool and convincingly interested in yoga, so all those lithe ladies know you’re genuinely interested in getting in touch with your inner yogi.”

BMW i3

“Fortunately, the BMW i3 has more in common with other luxury cars than with diet cars—excuse me, other electric cars. It makes for zippy driving, accelerating quickly and stopping precisely. I drove it through a bunch of the winding roads you find near the Don Valley, and its handling was exactly what you’d expect from a high performance vehicle—especially comforting, as I did this during last week’s big storm. I also decided to test the car’s guts out over a late-night spin on the Gardner—from 20 km/h on the onramp, I managed 100 km/h in six and a half seconds. Would’ve tried from zero, but other drivers might not have been into that. Turn radius is nice and tight, and it’s surprisingly compact for something that feels quite roomy—Toronto’s maze of one-ways, moving trucks, and ubiquitous tight parallel parking were no problem.”

7 Tips For Surviving Beer Festivals

“And by your, I mean mine, because I speak from blurry experience. Play favourites. Try what’s exciting, skip what isn’t, and remember you can always return for a spurned brew.”

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for Marriage

“I know—these days, nobody needs to get married, and nobody needs to stay married. In fact, sometimes it seems that married people are like unicorns, both unique and rare and kind of scary. I mean, we are talking about forever. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. One woman, one vagina, for. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.”

At the Indochino Travelling Tailor

“Indochino’s roots sprouted at the University of Victoria. Kyle and a friend needed suits for a conference. The selection sucked. Popular retailer priced cool suits out of their reach. Off-the-rack suits didn’t fit. They had an idea. They found a Chinese supplier and started selling online. Now they offer tailored suits for a good price.”

BMW Meets Bang & Olufsen

“But let’s be clear about something. Sure, this thing is a pleasure to drive. As my mom said while we sped to the passport office, are we gliding on air? It’s even better in sports mode, where 120 km per hour feels like 60 and everything’s more responsive. Which is great, but I accepted this assignment to get drunk on sound.”

Bookshelf: Johnny Cash – The Life

“Read Johnny Cash: The Life, and Nashville’s stubborn rejection of any kind of country that’s interesting and talented becomes a bit more clear—though it never really makes sense. Nashville’s obstinate posturing fuelled Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and the growth of outlaw country back in the 80s, and corporate country’s slavish devotion to brain-dead frat boys and their trucks is provoking the growth of Americana today.”

How To Get Her Back

“Guys, you don’t just get one shot. Meaning, if you hit the target, or get damn well close to it, you don’t get to pack it all in and call it a day with a spring in your step. Your woman has to be won over a number of times. Of course the first time was easy because you didn’t have the history you share now. The stakes weren’t so high back when you first met. It was all tequila shots and making out in public spaces. But now, it’s tough. You have to keep earning your right to stay in the game.”

Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes Newcomers Make in the Gym

“So you’ve made your resolution, are determined to eat healthy and think you have perfect form. In fact, you’re so pumped up you spend every moment possible at the gym. This enthusiasm may come back to haunt you, in the form of burnout.”

Canada Reads: The Orenda

“By jumping between three characters of three different cultures, Boyden carves sharp contrast and throws into relief misunderstandings. Both Snow Falls, captured and adopted by Bird, and Christophe, deployed by his superiors, experience Wendat civilization (which is meticulously researched and richly rendered) for the first time simultaneously—and of course, they draw different impressions. The process cuts two other ways as well, with Bird and Snow Falls fumbling towards a tenuous understanding of the French, Bird and Christophe growing to respect—if never make peace with—the Haudenosaunee. Perhaps Canadians are still approaching an understanding of each other. Perhaps The Orenda is a step in that approach.”

Photo courtesy of Steven Dominguez

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