5 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Well, okay, I’m sure you’re okay. Better than average even sometimes. But don’t pat yourself too hard on the back—even experienced lovers can fumble in bed. Chances are you’re not even aware of the common mistakes you’re making. So, here’s your chance to be better than average. Here’s your chance … Read More

Best of DailyXY in 2014

Our Brave New Bitcoin World “Both David and Kemper are confident that as digital currencies become more widely used, innovators will bring more proprietary technologies to the table in order to further enhance Bitcoin’s usability and security. “It’s really the early days,” says Kemper. “As advances come out, there’s a … Read More

5 Common Wedding Blunders

Indeed, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we are publishing an article on weddings. Surely, none of you will deny that weddings require more preparation than does V-Day. As well, you’ll agree that, if you haven’t yet made plans for tonight, you’re up a creek and nothing DailyXY can do is likely … Read More

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