Cop Charged for Seasoning Pizza with Pepper Spray

Apparently the state of California looks down on sheriffs who mess with a citizen’s right to pizza. Authorities charged Deputy Sheriff Juan Tavera with a misdemeanour after he sprayed a teenager’s pizza with pepper spray while no one was looking. The teenager then went home and ate the pizza with his friends, all of whom got sick from it.

Reportedly the teen was pulled over by another police officer when Tevera showed up on the scene and covered the pizza with pepper spray. The fact that he didn’t even pull the kid over, but simply showed up, looked in the backseat and sprayed the pizza makes this case so much weirder than it already was.

After the teen became ill, he called the police after remembering a random police officer was rummaging through his pizza. Tevera is now on paid leave and is facing one count of assault or battery by a public officer.

We can’t imagine this happening in Canada, but the next time you’re pulled over, keep an eye that takeout you have in the backseat.

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