Don’t Google Glass and Drive

For a technology that is supposed to change the world, Google Glass sure is getting banned in a lot of places. This time its being barred on the United Kingdom’s roads.

The U.K’s Department for Transport (DfT) has announced they are against drivers wearing the device while behind the wheel. According to CNET, the DfT are in talks with police on how to prohibit people from driving and using Google Glass. All of this is happening before the technology hits the shelves.

The main reason for the possible ban is the idea that the glasses will encourage distracted or careless driving.

But the U.K is not alone. Earlier this year, West Virginia lawmakers also toyed with the idea of banning Google Glass usage and driving.

There’s only one solution. Take all of the technology in the Google Glass and put it into a small device held by your hand. That should make drivers less distracted.

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