The DailyXY Gift Guide Guide

So, it’s officially next to the last minute and you need help, ASAP? Maybe you’re looking at a list of loved ones, co-workers, and friends, all of whom need gifts. Or maybe said loved ones, co-workers, and friends really, really want to know what you want for Christmas, but dammit, how can you tell them if you don’t know either? Or maybe you just need a little advice on how to shop for your girlfriend, how to stay sane over the holidays, or even how to approach them as a single man.

Well, no worries—for each of these things, we have you covered.

Gift Guides: For the Wonderful People in your Life

Gift Guide: Hosts

Gift Guide: Kids

Gift Guide: The “I Forgot To Pay Attention Six Months Ago When My Girlfriend Told Me What She Wants” Xmas List

Gift Guide: Co-Workers


Gift Guides: For Yourself (or Another Good Dude)

Gift Guide: Outdoors Guy

Gift Guide: Homeowner Guy

Gift Guide: Stylish Guy

Gift Guide: Business Guy

Gift Guide: Spirits Guy

Gift Guide: Food Guy

Gift Guide: Gadget Guy


Miscellaneous Holiday Advice

The Modern Man’s Holiday Survival Guide

The Dos and Don’ts of Spending Christmas with Your Girlfriend For the First Time

How to Shop for Your Girlfriend






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