Rob Ford’s Taiwanese TV Debut

Canada is once again getting the NMA World Edition treatment. Last time, it was because of Vancouver’s embarrassing behaviour after their loss to the Boston Bruins. This time, it’s because of Toronto’s embarrassing mayor, Rob Ford.

Most Canadian news agencies are careful to say that Ford was allegedly videotaped smoking crack with a group of Somalis. NMA doesn’t do carful. Instead, they have an animated Ford running down cyclists, attacking children, and smoking crack with what appears to be the jolly green giant.

Torontonians have been pretty gleefully passing said video around on Facebook. Fair enough, it’s hilarious, but keep in mind that the video does point out that “if his smoking, drinking, fighting, bad driving, and colourful racial comments didn’t bother Toronto voters, crack smoking probably won’t either.”

Meanwhile, Gawker and the Toronto Star are going at it like petulant children on Twitter.

Countdown to October 27, 2014, begin now.

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