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Doug Ford And Populism’s War On “Smart”

Doug Ford’s entry into the Ontario premier sweepstakes, including its on-brand trainwreck conclusion, was perhaps inevitable. And while we’re less than a week in, it already feels like a DoFo election night victory may be inevitable, too. After all, he’s eminently unqualified. That seems to be what the angry masses … Read More

The Biological Reasons You Like Taking Credit When Things Go Well

Ever heard the expression “Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan”? Well, more is going on than people retroactively ducking responsibility when there’s blame to go around. In fact, people feel a greater connection to good outcomes than bad outcomes. A new study (pdf alert) published in … Read More

How Changed Libel Laws Unmasked Rob Ford, and More

Aboard Brand Italy – Monocle Welcome to diplomacy in the 21st century. Where once major powers used their navies to project strength and force others to toe the line – Commodore Perry’s black ships opening Japan to trade by gunpoint come to mind – countries are now finding less intimidating … Read More

Rob Ford Valentine’s Day Cards

Jokes about Rob Ford beat out sappy greet card poems any day of the week—that’s why we’re handing out these sweet cards from Scotty2Naughty this valentine’s day. These Rob Ford Valentine’s Day Cards are $8 for a pack of six, but you can also order twelve or twenty-four. [imagebrowser id=140]

Alyssa Miller

We’d take sand and Alyssa Miller over snow and Rob Ford everyday of the damn week. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

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