Selfies Ruin Relationships

A new study from three U.K. business schools found that the amount of selfies you post on Facebook determines how your friends and acquaintances view your relationship. The study suggests the most pictures you post of yourself, the less intimate and more shallow your relationships with others tend to be, or at least that’s how your friends perceive them.

The University of Birmingham, the University of Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt University came to this conclusion by asking over 500 Facebook users (average age: 24) to rank their friends in terms of the emotional support and intimacy they feel from them, according to TIME. The study then compared the perceived levels of intimacy with how many pictures the person posted of themselves and found that more pictures equaled less intimacy.

An interesting part of the study found that best friends did not mind the selfie avalanches as much as co-workers or acquaintances; They actually feel more intimate to close friends who post frequently.

So the next time you’re looking at your beautiful self in the bathroom mirror, think twice about taking that picture, it could alienate you from your social circle.

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