Study: Men are Idiots

So, who’s stupider*, men or women? Well, we’ll leave the MRAs and Tumblerinas with that one, but one thing is clear: more men die doing stupid things than women. That’s a fact.

A study published in the British Medical Journal, entitled “The Darwin Awards: Sex Differences in Idiotic Behaviour”, has found that men win Darwin Awards (don’t click that link unless you’re prepared to lose a couple of hours) far more often than women. Darwin Awards, for the uninitiated, are dubious distinctions given to anyone who has removed themselves from the gene pool in a stupid and hilarious way. Obligatory example: two men in Kenya were trying to take selfies with an elephant this past spring. Unfortunately, it was a wild elephant, and wild elephants aren’t crazy about people. In lighter news, the elephant did bury the trampled corpses of the men.

A full 88.6% of the Darwin Awards went to men. Researchers explain this with their “male idiot theory”, which is that “men are idiots and idiots do stupid things”. Of course, men also take more risks than women; one study we’ve read has found that men who take big risks are considered more attractive by women. Then again, men tend to work in more dangerous industries, with about thirty men dying on the job for every woman.

But for real: there are a lot of stupid men out there.

*And yes, stupider is a word, smart guy.


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