The Longer You Work, The More You Drink

Burning the midnight oil? You’ll probably follow that up with a nightcap. Or two. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, people who work long hours also tend to drink more than those with less strenuous schedules. According to the researchers: “In a cross sectional analysis of … Read More

James Bond is a Raging Drunk

We love nearly everything about James Bond. His cars, his women, his sartorial sensibility, his shameless product tie-ins . . . and we especially love his ability to casually drink on the job, despite his bastardized choice of martini. However, according to scientists, James Bond is a raging alcoholic who … Read More

Worried About Heart Attacks? Eat More Fibre

Worried about a potential heart attack, or recovering from one? You should be—it’s the mostly likely thing to kill you. That said, a study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that a way to mitigate that risk—or recover—is to eat fibre. Researchers questioned 4,000 heart attack survivors about their … Read More

A Successful Sports Team Means More People Having Sex

How would you celebrate if, say, the Oilers—or Leafs, Canucks, Habs . . . you get the idea—started winning big games? Well, you might celebrate by getting lucky. That’s the gist of a study published in the British Medical Journal. In 2009, the people of Catalonia, Spain, were overjoyed when … Read More

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