The App That Ends Relationships

We here at DailyXY love technology. Golf Cart Hovercraft? Great. A urinal that also washes your hands? Awesome. But sometimes technology goes a little too far. That technology is BreakupText.

BreakupText is an app that sends out a longwinded breakup text to whomever you want. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions (your sex, casual or serious relationship, why you’re ending it) and the app will create a block of text telling the person its over.

Talk about uncanny valley. Computers are now imitating our emotions and tasked with ending our relationships.

According to TIME, app creators Jake Levine and Lauren Leto got the idea after a friend’s texts to a love interest went unanswered. The pair thought it would be funny to send really emotional break up texts.

Obviously the app is tongue and cheek and we can’t imagine a tackier way of ending a relationship, but we’re sure someone out there thinks it’s the perfect way to end their engagement.

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