Who’s Got the Worst Bed Sheet Hygiene?

A new study from U.K. mattress company Ergoflex gives insight on people’s hygiene in the bedroom. The company surveyed over 2,000 people and asked them how often they changed their bedsheets.

Unsurprisingly, single men came out the worst, with the majority of single guys 18-25 saying they changed their sheets once every three months, according to TIME. Single women, on the other hand, overwhelmingly said they change their sheets once every two and a half weeks.

So what happens to couples? They change their sheets around every two weeks as well. That’s because the study found 81% of sheet washers were women.

But maybe this is an age thing more than a gender thing. The study also found that the older one got, the more care they put into changing their linens on a regular basis.

But then again, 17% of men admitted their partners found their bed sheet hygiene a problem, while only 2% of women admitted the same thing.

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