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CEO’s With Immigrant Roots Have Superior Edge

A culturally diverse company may perform better than one that doesn’t have workers with various backgrounds. CEOs whose parents or grandparents were immigrants are likely to be superior performers in their professions, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review. While CEOs with immigrant parents and grandparents may have … Read More

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Which Country Has The World’s Most Powerful Passport?

The Passport Index ranks the world’s passports by the number of countries that are easily accessible by the passport holder. Which passport is the most powerful when it comes to traveling around the world? Singapore. The country earned the number-one spot after Paraguay removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, reports CNN. … Read More

A Small Group of Liars are Responsible For the Majority of Lying

We all lie a little bit—but the operative phase there is “little bit”. Most of us don’t lie that much. A tiny minority, however, lie constantly, and they’re responsible for most of the lying in the world. A study published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology surveyed over … Read More

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