This Amazing Seaweed Skincare Line Will Nourish Your Pores ASAP

You might not know this, but the sea is a powerhouse for your skin. People have been practicing the medical inclusion of seawater for centuries, otherwise known as thalassotherapy. Our body contains naturally occurring mineral salts (just over 5%), and they play a vital role in the enzymatic process.

Ishga is a Scottish brand who realized the natural wonders of seaweed and these benefits, decided to make a whole skincare line dedicated to it! The word Ishga itself means “water” in Gaelic, highlighting the simple miracles hidden in nature that is hugely beneficial to our bodies, inside and out.

The seaweed that Ishga uses is from a place you’ve probably never heard of called the Hebrides islands, which are located right off the Northwestern coast of Scotland. Though all seaweed is nutritious for our skin,  Hebridean seaweed is particularly potent in its amino acid, minerals, and vitamin content.

Seaweed itself is a natural cleanser, purifier, and anti-aging agent which improves skin elasticity for all skin types. L’oreal and Neutrogena might promise the same, but the ambiguous results raise an eyebrow for us, so we vote going natural, Ishga-style. Spend your money on something that will last rather than a temporary, harsh solution that’s throwing your hard-earned cash down the drain, because it isn’t just another luxury gimmick – it actually works!

All of the products are unisex, but the men’s line stood out to us as extraordinary, and the scents are a little less floral-heavy, instead focusing on hints of Bergamot and Sandalwood. Every product in the line features an easy pump application and minimal design. These are their signature men’s favorites that really caught our eye.

Mens Exfoliating Face Wash

Not as hard or abrasive as other drugstore brands. If you are worried that you can’t feel it properly cleansing your skin, don’t fear. Men have slightly rougher skin so the impact feels less effective, even though it is. That clean feeling is often attributed to micro-tears that exfoliating agents such as beads are ripping your skin’s surface! These finer seaweed grains remove dead cells just as well while protecting your skin!

Men’s Shave and Beard Oil

This is a little pricey, but worth it, and will last several months. The fragrance is revitalizing with sweet cedar undertones. The texture is rich and gives more luster than Moroccan Oil, making your beard look freshly conditioned and groomed each time. Get your closest, smoothest shave or show some love to those beard strands with this anti-oxidant packed softening oil.

Men’s Marine Cream

Finding a men’s moisturizer can be a tough feat- there’s either not enough moisture, or too rich and thick, resulting in clogged pores, pimples, and greasy skin. This marine cream is your answer to all that.  The Hebridean seawater softens and repairs skin with the addition of aloe vera, and shea butter, while apricot kernel oil and macadamia oil help firm and nourish. Perfect for after an impatient shave, and the scent is quite subtle.

Body Lotion and Conditioner

Ok, this isn’t specifically part of the men’s line, but dudes need to stop using 5 dollar conditioner and body wash from their local convenience store. Yeah, it’ll get the job done, but it’s filled with chemical gunk like parabens and sulfates that are no good for your skin. Remember that your body is a temple and investing a little more in the daily routine will drastically affect your aging process. That’s why this body lotion and organic conditioner should supplement the above highlights of the clearly essential Ishga line.

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