Craft Beer with an Autumn Twist

There’s a lot of craft breweries around nowadays, and it takes a special something for one brewery’s beers to stand out amongst the bevy of others. A few years ago, these guys garnered the Newcomer of the Year award, beating out Bellwoods Brewery, which is quite impressive in its own right.  This Ottawa based craft company offers a dynamic variety of brews, and none of them disappoint. There’s something for everyone, from dark, hoppy ale connoisseur to those who prefer a more delicate introduction.

Their amber ale glows copper and has subtle fruity notes, with a round, toasty finish. It’s a tiny bit sweet but very crisp and just the right amount of dry. It’s the perfect introduction to Big Rig, and the perfect summer to fall transitional beer, if you will.

The “Tales From The Patch Pumpkin Porter”  had a more interesting mouth taste. It was smooth and almost made us think of Baileys. If you’re a fan of spices, this Pumpkin Ale is darker than most, but still provides creamy molasses and vanilla-inspired kick, where other pumpkin ales fall short and a bit watery. The vanilla doesn’t taste artificial at all, and it’s balanced enough that it doesn’t take over the drink but provides a satisfying flavor and feel. It’s basically the latte of beers, but try to wait until noon to try this one out! A solid Halloween staple.

For those who prefer a less delicate beer that’s a little hoppier on the scale, the golden-clouded  Alpha Bomb IPA is definitely more assertive, in that sense.  It’s even dry-hopped twice, giving a seriously unique taste to the rich grapefruit and tropical undertones that we’ve never experienced in similar IPAs before. This one might be our #1 pick!

Their Tartan Pants Scotch Ale is a bold choice – not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who like a strong ale, (it is called scotch ale, after all, and has an intense smokiness that would go paired well with bright, flavorful Mexican entree.) Honestly, you might enjoy this one better on its own instead of pairing with a meal, since its taste and feel are a little on the harder side, with its own distinct personality.

What will your new Fall favorite be?

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